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Welcome to Mindsprite Solutions. We expertise in educational content creation and delivery. Through our online platforms- DoorstepTutor, Examrace, FlexiPrep, ExamTestPrep, and JobDuniya we offer the best in class services for students, researchers, teachers, and corporations. To get one-on-one consultation for any of our services please contact us. Contact: 📞 +91-999-800-8851 (also WhatsApp & Signal), 📧 contactus@mindspritesolutions.com.

For PhD. Scholars and Researchers

Thesis/Report Writing/Proofreading Assistance

Services for Thesis/Report Writing and Proofreading
  • Plagiarism Checking before Submission
  • Compiling References in Appropriate Style
  • Proofreading and Editing
  • Typing and Publishing using International Standards

College University/Application

Services Provided for College Applicants
  • Resume Design and Presentation: YouTube Video Resume
  • Professional Writing: Building a Great LinkedIn Profile
  • High Quality SOP and Statement Development

Student and Exam Preparation

Exam Preparation Services

For Educators/Creators/Corporates

YouTube Animation and Design Services: 3D and 2D Animation Services

Animation and Design Services for Educational Videos
  • 3D Animation
  • Accurate and Content Aware
  • Specialization in Education- Science, Maths, SS, EVS etc. for All Levels
  • Channel Maintenance
  • Recording Studio
  • Transliteration

Website and YouTube Advertising

Advertising Services

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Website Design: Flexible, Material, and Fast

Website Design
  • Secure
  • Fast & Responsive
  • High Engagement
  • Multimedia Centric
  • Modern UI/UX

Content and Media Creation

Books & EBooks

Publishing books and eBooks has never been easier, with a little help from our designers and developers, you can be the next best-selling author. We will help you at each step of self-publishing and selling your book or eBook.

  • Designing: a lot goes into professional-quality print, be it book or e-book. From typography to media like images we have experts for everything.
  • Production experience: lot of publishers create problems during this phase, arguing & haggling over word-counts and page-counts- well, rest assured, at Mindsprite your creation comes first. Together we will achieve the most remarkable results.
  • EBook Conversion: if you already have rights to a printed work and want to publish it as eBook, we will do the conversion, using all modern standards. We will even help you open an account and publish at top eBook stores. The account & royalties are yours forever.
  • Pre-press: we offer a unique experience- print on demand, just send your manuscript and we will send the books back to you. If you need any customizations we will help with those too!

Educational Media

We specialize in educational content development. We have in-house experts for creating digital content for variety of fields and levels from Kindergarten to Graduate level.

  • High quality and engaging notes, video lessons and questions with illustrations & animation: DoorstepTutor
  • Unutilized potential: our content brings out the full potential of modern interactive devices. Vivid animations, tasks and video snippets bring life to even the most dull subjects- making learning fun and easy.
  • Freedom: We provide exclusive digital content, and our experience and expertise with online systems gives you an opportunity to set your learners free! We can make your content accessible anywhere in the world
  • Learning: Well getting or even reading something and learning from it are two very different things. Our self-paced modules includes feedback through testing and analytics. We closely study these results to make our content more rewarding

For details please contact us. Contact: 📞 +91-999-800-8851 (also WhatsApp & Signal), 📧 contactus@mindspritesolutions.com.

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